Embellishing Bookplates

Hi there and welcome to our second post.

As more and more people are asking about bookplates I thought it would be useful to share with you guys how easy is to make them and embellish them.

As like any other digital product, our bookplates designs you can download instantly and print in your house if you have a printer.

You can choose from two types of bookplates, colored ones and ones in black and white. You  can find them here:

For coloring : https://alefairyland.com/shop/graphics/bookplates-for-coloring/

Colored ones: https://alefairyland.com/shop/graphics/printable-children-bookplates/


Step 1

Choose which bookplate suits your needs. It means, if you want your kids to color their own bookplates, choose black and white bookplates. If you want to give a bookplate as a gift, choose colored bookplates and embellish if you want.


coloring and decorating bookplates coloring and decorating bookplates

Step 2

You will need a white paper in A4 format. I suggest to use a heavier paper. Print it.


Step 3

Cut them out from the paper with any tool you have (scissors, sharp X-Acto knife, cutter, paper trimmer…).

coloring and decorating bookplates

I will show colored bookplate in this tutorial. Here I used ruler and then cut the paper with scalpel.

coloring and decorating bookplates

So, now, we have 4 bookplates in color.

coloring and decorating bookplates
If you like, you can use your punch tool to cut off the edges.


Step 4

Embellish with Glossy Accents (Ranger), Dimensional Glitter 3D (Acrilex) or with anything you like. I added some pearls (liquid pearls from Ranger) and previous embellished buttons, self-made dots, pearls, flat back rhinestones, eyelets, ribbons…

coloring and decorating bookplates

That`s how it looks with edges cut off. You can write names on your bookplates first and then embellish it or you can do all embellishment and then write the names. I first wrote the names because I find it much easier for me.

As you can see, I started embellishing first a wing of a bird with a 3D Glitter…and then I added transparent Glossy Accents inside of the bird until the line edges. You can put it only inside of a wing or fill up all bird with Glossy Accents without glitter, or…just play around 🙂 . Then I added different colors of glitter (Acrilex), glossy accents and also Liquid pearls (both from Ranger) to the flowers, leaves…there are so much combinations.

Made an error? Do not worry, just print another one and start again 🙂 .

coloring and decorating bookplates

When it is dry, it will look like this. I would leave it to dry a minimum 1 hour (depends on humidity in your house).

coloring and decorating bookplates

Here are some examples I made…

coloring and decorating bookplates

Well guys, I had so much fun with these bookplates. I am sure your kids will love this cute present of yours.

If you would like to see another design, you can find it here:

For coloring : https://alefairyland.com/shop/graphics/coloring-bookplates/

Colored ones: https://alefairyland.com/shop/graphics/bookplates-for-children/

Any questions, suggestion? I would love to hear and answer any…mail us at contact@alefairyland.com

Or if you want to leave a question, a comment, ideas, share with us your embellished bookplates or just give us a thumb, you can do it in our Facebook community we are starting to build: www.facebook.com/AleFairyland

Thank you and have lot of fun with these 🙂