Mandalas Night Collection Coloring Book for Adults

About our first printable book…

Mandala: Night Collection Coloring Book for Adults

Do you enjoy the therapeutic effect of coloring as you let your mind drift away and your creative brain take over

Do you experience waking up from that lovely Zen-like state when your pen accidently paints over the line, and you stress out because you have to start all over again?

Well, you don’t have to stress about it anymore!

Mandala – Night Collection is a perfect solution to this vexing issue. Unlike other adult coloring books, our mandala features bold, black background that forgivingly covers up all and any little errors, letting you relax as you fill in the intricate mandala patterns.

The gorgeous hand drawn mandalas are completely unique, while their abstract and elegant styles let you unleash your inner creativity with a riot of color over abstract patterns that reflect nature’s beauty.

Now you can unleash a world of imagination through your fingers in bright colors without worrying about mistakes. With Mandala – Night Collection Coloring Book, there are no mistakes – just gorgeous designs waiting to be made uniquely yours.
Order your copy today and discover a world of abstract shapes calling out for your unique finishing touch.

The Mandala: Night Collection includes:

  • 53 unique elegant Mandalas * to color
  • Black background for all mandalas*
  • Gifts and discounts for our members

*We have the black backgrounds for several reasons:

  • Mandalas look more clean after coloring
  • Contrast is bigger so it can help noticing the lines more easily, especially during the night, soft light or when tired
  • You can use original black and white mandalas, just like the colored ones, as wrap paper or to make cards, envelopes, bookmarks, coasters or any other scrapbook project.
  • You can frame it to use as a decoration for your desk, wall, or as a gift.
  • You don’t have to worry about possible mistakes if you are using felt pen, although for using them we recommend putting a blank sheet below it to protect the next mandala.

Please visit the gift section below to get small and simpler printable mandalas in a big format, as well as other gifts.

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If you prefer a paperback edition, you can purchase Mandalas Night collection HERE.

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